Custom Printed Vape Boxes

Custom Printed Vape cartridge boxes are in incredible interest. They can be utilized as an advertising device that causes you assembles your representation.

Our Vape boxes are high quality, and you can redo the crate shape as well as structure and shading too. Regardless of what plan you pick, our vape packaging group will make it for you. You can custom made vape boxes rapidly, and pick the assembling paper, covering and select different administrations that we give to our packaging customers.

If you require to assistance related with designing, our vape bundling group can likewise assist you with this without the expense. Get custom bundling boxes at discount costs from SeaShore today!




Vape Boxes:

The vape is one of the most consumable things for smoking in the US. In the United States, everyone makes it mandatory for their leisure time! In the United States, there is a huge population that likes to smoke vape, which is why it makes a significant market share. The competition is strong and new business startups are coming onto the market due to rising competition in the industry. That’s why it’s really important to use the custom vape boxes for the new companies to put their goods and industry to the forefront. Otherwise, making your company and businesses popular is very difficult.

SeaShore Packaging also provides you with the best services that can help you improve your company with a good market footing! The United States of America embraces new business with open arms, but it needs a lot of beauty to be used to attract consumers ‘attention! The finest custom vape boxes are designed to create customer goodwill in your company. So, pick the best U.S. business and that’s none other than the SeaShore Packaging!

Custom Vape Cartridge Box that Increases your Brand Identity:

Our main aim is to provide you with such attention-grabbing vape boxes that capture customer’s eyes from far, save from harm inside items, and promote your brand with great impact in the meantime. If you want custom vape boxes for display purposes or your vape business advertising, we will provide you with the classy and stylish custom vape boxes for reliable, great and master class presentation and vape safety.

Your custom printed vape boxes design and artwork must reflect your brand’s high standard and disappear all customers’ doubts about the quality of the vape kits packed inside that force them to make an instant purchase. This is why many well- vaporizers and manufacturers are introducing new vaporizers & vape kits and seeking to differentiate them from the rest by using custom vape boxes to entice their packaging. If you’re looking for some custom vape boxes that add appeal and value to your vaporizers and solidify your brand name among vape lovers then you’re right.

Finest Materials and Manufacturing Styles for Custom Vape Boxes:

One of the main conditions for making a robust box is the material that made the box. The secret ingredient of SeaShore packaging is to make healthy vape boxes lie in the type of material and manufacturing Style. This gives our clients a complete opportunity to make their own choices. If you feel that the vape box is a better option for specific content, we agree with that and provide you with the exact item you want. There is the following material, however, that we mainly use to make boxes a reality; they are as follows:

Card Stock

Cardboard material is widely used by our client as they are durable and keep the products safe from any external damage and it is mostly used for manufacturing these boxes. You can print text, graphics, images, and design on the custom printed vape cartridge boxes.


kraft is an environmentally friendly material that will surely take your sales to a newer height. Moreover, kraft material packaging provides complete protection to the product. It is available at a cheap rate in the market.


Corrugated boxes are durable and sturdy, which in turn keeps the vapor and e- secure throughout the long journeys.


The most stable material is Rigid material. The minimum thickness of this material starts from the 32pt and is mostly used for susceptible products.

Manufacturing Style of Vape Boxes:

What is the first thing that you notice when you go to the store?? It’s the design and material of the boxes that have great importance and grabs the attention of the customer’s attention. Each material has its specialist; Eco-friendly packaging, for example, is recyclable and biodegradable, making vapor boxes environmentally friendly. SeaShore Packaging can also provide the option for environmentally-cautious companies to insert beans within the material so that consumers can then use those boxes to grow trees and plants.

Similarly, corrugated content happens to be the perfect option for shipments to overseas customers. Corrugated boxes are durable and sturdy, which in turn keeps the vapor and e-liquid safe throughout the long journeys. Apart from the materials, another primary concern of almost every company is what type of manufacturing style would be appropriate for its product.

1-Tuck-end Box

2- Display Box

3- Two-Piece Box

Make your Vape Packaging Unique with Us!

SeaShore Packaging would like to see you vape packaging boxes excel in everything, be it the design, the stuff, the technique of printing, or the colors to add little shine. Trust us with full confidence; we give the following printing techniques to make the best vapor boxes:

1- Digital printing

2- Offset printing

We also use the color scheme which is as follows:


2- PMS

We also use different ads-on like coatings, gold and silver foiling spot UV on the printed vape cartridge boxes to make them more attractive.

Wholesale Custom Vape Cartridge Packaging:

With our Vape packaging wholesale prices you will have peace of mind when making an order in bulk. Vape cartridges are frangible during shipment and require special treatment. Because of this, the packaging is important to keep the product secure and avoid leakage. Wholesale orders in bulk are usually cheaper which in turn reduces the prices. Custom Vape boxes are cost-efficient and budget-friendly when ordered via our bulk ordering process Besides if you want to fit several vape cartridges in a single box, we also have inserts to prevent them from colliding and thus avoid any losses.

However, the most respected packaging company is SeaShore Packaging. It provides among other packaging companies with the best quality and most popular vape cartridge boxes. It’s bringing the vape cartridge company to a higher level.

Let us know when selecting and going through bulk shipping orders and we’ll make sure you get the cheapest price per package when buying in bulk. You can also get more ideas from our vast range of Custom Retail Boxes.