Custom Printed Make up Boxes

Get your glitz on by pressing your cosmetics items in the tasteful boxes delivered by Peer packaging. Not just we create custom cosmetics confines all shapes and sizes yet additionally we build up your plans on the box. Yet, in the event that you require any assistance with the structure, we help you free of expense. We additionally make adjustable supplements of the container to shield your items from any harm. Additionally, extraordinary consideration is given to the surface of the case to influence it to seem progressively appealing and grab the attention of the clients. So to get cosmetics bundling explicitly custom-made to your necessities, converse with us!
In the event that you require assistance related with designing, SeaShore Packaging can help you in this respects without any charges.



Custom Makeup Boxes:


Makeup has become an essential part of our daily lives. Women all over the world make regular use of makeup! As a result, making the process easier for your customers is your responsibility as the supplier. Custom printed makeup boxes are our answer to that! Our custom designed makeup boxes, with separators and compartments, offer a distinctive and convenient way to store your goods.

Besides, they allow for any customization to add a unique brand-specific look. Here are a few reasons why our custom makeup boxes will genuinely help your company.

Show off Your Products by Displaying Them in Artistically Printed Custom Makeup Boxes:

Within these personalized boxes, luxurious beauty products such as lip gloss and mascaras packaged to help them stand out on show shelves. Custom printed makeup boxes do help you with this goal. These boxes have a striking combination of colors and an attractive theme design that turns every onlooker ‘s heads towards them, and that’s how market leaders get an edge over their rival brands.

Custom designed makeup packaging boxes are becoming a priority for BB creams, perfumes, body sprays and lipsticks packing by cosmetic manufacturers. These boxes’ artistic designs and relevant color schemes help companies increase their market share and broaden their target audience.

Such boxes draw diverse ethnic buyers and thus lead to a remarkable rise in customer numbers. You should also pack your beauty products in customized makeup boxes to increase your number of customers and get all of the advantages mentioned above.

But it’s not that simple to get a perfect makeup packaging box, and you need to find a manufacturer that can understand your requirement and deliver exactly what you want.

As well as understanding the packaging needs of your eyeliners, lipsticks, mascaras and BB creams, a dedicated product specialist team of seashore packaging is also aware of the goals you want to achieve from its packaging boxes.

We’ve gained the trust of hundreds of cosmetic manufacturers by supplying them with their ideal printing and designs on their personalized makeup boxes that have driven their sales to a shocking height. Our state-of-the-art printing machinery helps us to conduct any kind of printing our customer needs.

Custom Sizes and Shapes for your Printed Makeup Boxes:

In the market, one way to differentiate your makeup packaging is by using different shapes and sizes. At SeaShore, we have a range of different choices for size and form, just to match your needs. Our options include size;

  • Cube
  • Cylindrical
  • Rectangular
  • Gable
  • Sleeve
  • Pyramid
  • Pie
  • Diamond

Sturdy Material for Custom Makeup Boxes

The quality of the product depends for sure on the type of content. You need to know the type of material used in making your personalized makeup boxes as a successful and well-reputed manufacturer. To be durable in a product and wear well the matter of strength, thickness, and rigidity. Besides, the packaging must protect the product against the effects of weather. It should also be environmentally friendly, in order not to damage the climate. Moreover, the material, we use for these boxes are as follows:

  • cardboard
  • Kraft
  • and the corrugated

Choose from Our Range of Inserts to Pack Your Makeup

Makeup packaging boxes with inserts became instantly accessible. Cosmetic brands use them to bundle their multiple makeup products in a single package which makes it a perfect choice to offer to their loved ones.

If you are determined to make your beauty products an excellent gift for your consumers and want to be their choice while purchasing a makeup kit for their loved one, these things must sold in custom made-up packaging boxes with compartments.

It is not an easy job to produce a makeup packaging box with so many complex customization choices. SeaShore packaging has the latest cutting machines that allow us to manufacture inserts and compartments of all sizes, shapes, and layouts possible. You can select from our extensive range from a rigid compartment to trendy foam inserts that best suits your needs.

Custom Coating to Your Makeup Box

Have you ever seen a commodity, and thought something was missing? And the boxes for makeup weren’t complete? The chances are that it did not have the correct coating on it; the final design of custom boxes for makeup. We have UV, matte, and gloss spots for your coating choices which is our most popular one.


One particular way to make things stand out by adding something extra and unique to your personalized makeup boxes. Would you want to make the carry around easier? Put on a handle! Or just want to add the extra sense of sweetness? Put it on with a bow! You may also add the laces or ribbons as you like.

Wholesale Custom Printed Makeup Boxes Packaging:

When you want to stand out from the others, go for our additional facilities. On the makeup boxes, you can get a custom window cut out which will allow your customers to see what they’re going to get inside. Besides this, the makeup boxes can contain silver or gold foilings. It will give the inside of the makeup product a distinctive and comfortable look.

If you are looking for wholesale makeup boxes made of such quality material that will help to keep their makeup items safe, then we will manufacture it according to your need. Your consumers can immediately equate the product with high quality only by looking at the packaging itself. With 100 to 50,000 makeup boxes, you will get all in one go. We will deliver you these custom makeup boxes within 8 to 10 business days. When you want an earlier date for these makeup boxes, we will do so accordingly.

We will provide you with a flat view and 3D mock-up of the box to see how the product will look like in real. At this point, you can see if any changes in the design and colors need to make on the Personalized Cosmetic Packaging. Physical sampling can also be made available but only on request.