Custom Printed Lip Stick Boxes

Lipsticks boxes enclose are extraordinary interest. They can be utilized for an assortment of purposes and can enable you to construct your image of the brand.
Our lipstick boxes are top high quality, and you can customize the case shape, as well as structure and shading too. Regardless of what structure you pick, our lipstick bundling group will make it for you. You can make handcrafted lipstick boxes rapidly, and pick the assembling paper, covering and select different administrations that we give to our packaging customers.
In the event that you require assistance related with designing, our lipstick packaging group can likewise assist you with this without any charges. Get custom lipstick boxes at discount costs from SeaShore Packaging today!



Custom Lipstick Packaging

Lipstick is an essential makeup component without which the full makeup is incomplete because it gives the makeup a final touch and full look. Several makeup companies make various kinds of lipsticks with various shades and colors that are very varied and so the packaging should be the same kind as well.

Custom Printed Lipstick boxes fully transform the perspective of your products, improving the view of the consumer, and allowing you to be more conscious of your products. Lipstick boxes are each made according to the lipstick color and size. Now with the introduction of new trends in fashion, makeup items are often constantly introducing updates, and so are the lipsticks.

Now you can find hundreds of different types of lipsticks within one shade. It’s quite challenging to select one lipstick from multiple products. They are different from each other because of their unique packaging design. These lipstick boxes are made of excellent material that provides a complete rundown of the items and makes them useable forever. Lipstick boxes also give these lipsticks a good impact.

A lot of fake and imitation cosmetic products are floating in the marketplace. Getting their private labeling that ensures brand awareness has become tremendously important for any makeup brand. Custom printed boxes designed according to your brand’s color theme, which helps your customer to recognize your lipstick brand and never confuse it with other similar names or replica brands.

Unlimited Customization of your Printed Lipstick boxes:

The way we make the right packaging is by giving you all of the choices for changing the packaging. As already mentioned, we are making adjustments to almost every aspect of the packaging. You should look at our custom designed lip gloss boxes for an estimate. Our team did a fantastic job on these boxes. It includes changes in the design of your personalized lipstick boxes to make them more impressive.

Changes in printing, color, font, and more will dramatically change the way the product is perceived. Let’s say you are looking for a way to offer wholesale packaging of your holiday lipstick. What about trying to use colors as the packaging associated with holiday occasions, like red and green? By only using lipstick boxes by the logo, you can always go for more a minimal look.

Protect Your Lipsticks with our Sturdy Cardboard Material:

The lipsticks are the most sensitive and very delicate product. There are many different styles of lipsticks in the market. Such as moisturizing lipsticks, matte lipstick, cream lipstick, gloss lipstick, satin and translucent lipstick, and many more. Many lipsticksĀ  packaged in glass jars in a liquid condition, but most of them are waxed sticks packaged in metal or plastic with smooth rotation at the bottom of the fragile stick pop out.

This waxed stick is easily breakable and needs superior protection from the pull, twist, jerks, and hops. Do you want your client to disappointed with a cracked lipstick? Absolutely not, so custom cardboard boxes are used that are safe, sturdy, and avoid breaking, shattering, and cracking of your waxed nail.

We sell a wide range of cardboard content stocks ranging from 14pt to 40pt (600gsm). And we ensure that the weight, texture and style of your lipstick are ideally suited to your thickest paper board. During delivery and shipment, warehouse handling, and wear and tear shelf-life, these boxes guarantee extreme level protection for your lipsticks. Such stylish and tidy boxes without raptured edges and torn flaps imprint the brand ‘s impressive identity along with securing the inside packed lipsticks.

Let’s say that you need more secure packaging. You can use our e-flute corrugated material to help make your lipsticks a durable and compact case. Or let’s say you are looking for eco-friendly packaging for your goods. If so, use our environmentally friendly Kraft paper! This helps to create sturdy custom lipstick boxes which can be reusable, recyclable, and biodegradable. We also offer your packaging needs with the Bux board and cardstock.

Explore What You Want, Experience What You Deserve with Seashore Packaging:

Seashore Packaging provides the most suitable, inexpensive, and marketed packaging option to the local and foreign cosmetics companies in the United States. Specific marketing techniques that make the brand more popular with bright colors and stylish designs are very familiar to us. We offer a careful thought to every aspect to add maximum glamor and ensure complete protection even from scratches.

We know that the cosmetic boxes industry is one of the leading industries in the world that get sales rapidly by manufacturing enchanting boxes, and we are one of them. For your lipsticks, we produce multipurpose custom boxes. That elevates the presentation to such an extent that it can be given as a gift in the same packaging. You can make your lipstick boxes with curved cuts and use these boxes as a countertop show instead of an acrylic lipstick holder and satisfy your requirements.

Give your lipsticks a magnetic first impression by designing our most top-quality custom printed boxes under the guidance of the most advanced packaging system and skilled engineers. To build and get your own lipstick sets, please email us at

Free and fast delivery

Our personalized boxes of lipsticks shipped within 8-10 business days. Additionally, if you like to personalize your liquid lipstick packaging sooner, then you can order us by making use of a small fee. We deliver free shipping anywhere in the world!