Custom Printed Kraft Apparel Boxes

Custom Kraft Apparel boxes are incredible and the most effortless method for packing garments and embellishments. The essential objective of attire boxes is to ensure the garments and give the space. Kraft apparel boxes are produced using Kraft material which is one of the best materials in the business. These Custom Kraft boxes guarantee about the assurance of garments and different embellishments. You can effortlessly improve the standpoint of the item by basically utilizing the Kraft apparel boxes. These Kraft boxes discount come in various custom sizes as indicated by the garments measure and different extras, for example belts, gloves, shirts, socks, tie, and so on. These Custom Kraft clothing boxes come in various shapes and styles, SeaShore Packaging can likewise help you in this respect without any charges.



Kraft Apparel Boxes:

Packing Kraft boxes is a common trend in the apparel industry. Any apparel company can get a strong reputation with the use of customizing Kraft apparel boxes as the packaging is a powerful promotional tool for garments. In this regard, Seashore Packaging will benefit you by providing you with the highest quality personalized Kraft appliance boxes for your garment goods.

In a wide range of printing and designs, the Kraft boxes are available. As the Custom Kraft boxes made of biodegradable material, their natural color is brown. Still, these boxes can given to professionals working in companies such as Seashore packaging, and beautiful color and figure.

There are many businesses out there that want their product to stand out as the brand and are lined up on a shelf in a commercial store. Kraft boxes with frames can attract customers but also increase the sales.

Exceptional Designs for Your Apparel Boxes

Kraft is a primary Khaki color material; thus, it’s hard to make it appealing to customers. But don’t worry here. SeaShore Packaging has graphic designers who are both professional and imaginative. For your products, we provide you with the excellent custom printed kraft window boxes. Our team will also produce beautiful designs for your custom-made Kraft clothing boxes.

In our archives, we have an endless array of pre made beautiful designs. From there, you can pick which one you like best.  On the other side, just tell our team if you want to print your template and we’ll do it for you.

Although most of the businesses’ order boxes in exciting colors, there are still some businesses that want to give their products a conformist or standard look, and for this, they always use Kraft boxes in their innovative color so that the product when seen from an exhibition window look great.

Sturdy boxes for apparel packaging

Acquire Garments Kraft apparel Boxes of the most exceptional quality, which are profoundly well-made and sophisticated. State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities with boxes immersive in style and form protect the items in the best way possible. We allow you to guarantee your packaging ultimate design touch by endorsing your ideas in the best possible way.

You can buy beautiful Kraft Wholesale Apparel Boxes with digital printing on premium fabrics at an incredibly economical cost. Following your preferences, thoughts, and ideas, we produce custom printed Rigid Telescopic Kraft apparel shoe boxes to make it look extremely appealing according to your taste and artistic instinct.

Shapes and Designs That you Cherish

We seek to deliver perfection in each of the shapes and designs that you cherish, with your signature imprinted in the most excellent quality in embossed or debossed form.

SeaShore Packaging offers the highest quality packaging for your clothing die-cut molded boxes, made from Kraft material with most excellent quality laminations, to give each package the personalized touch of your choosing.

Coatings Options of Custom Kraft Apparel Boxes

The coating will play a significant part in making your custom apparel boxes more appealing and seductive. They are bright layers of custom-made eco-friendly boxes. You cannot cover the box entirely on Kraft. But the coating may have spots. We have the choice of coating the following:

  • Matt
  • UV-Spot
  • Gloss

These three are the principal possibilities for coating. Matte is smooth and dark in color.

On the other hand, the gloss is luminous and shiny. Place UV is a combination of these. It is more beautiful and is uses in monographs and logos in general.

Wide Range of Printing Options

You can add anything you want.  Plus you can, for example, print your company logo on your Kraft apparel boxes. You can also print out some details about your product that’s packed in the box.

Besides that, we have two types of printing which you can choose from according to your needs.

  • CMYK
  • PMS

Those two are methods of printing. CMYK is old, while Pantone (PMS) is the modern. It is more accurate and comprehensive. In this color scheme, you can have endless variations of a single color.

Wholesale Custom Printed Kraft Apparel Boxes

Kraft apparel boxes are the eco-friendly clothing boxes. These boxes not only provide the elegant finishing to your product but also they are not harmful to nature as there is a lot of pollution. Our most straightforward basic operating procedures are genuinely convenient for you. SeaShore offers kraft apparel boxes in wholesale at reasonable rates. The minimum order starts from the 100 boxes. So, What are you waiting for ??  Order Now !!

Free Design Assistance:

Provide instructions or prototypes for custom printed Kraft Apparel boxes. Our expert designers will be working on the sample. Once the sample is done, we will send you the 2D and 3D mockups, so that you can check the end product. If you have any design in your mind, you can tell us, and our team will create it for you.

Turn Around Time:

Kraft apparel boxes, we ensure the fastest production time and prompt delivery exactly as expected. We offer free shipping to our valuable clients at their doorsteps. Usually, we delivered the product with in 8-10 business days. For the fastest turn around, you can contact us, and we will work according to that.

Email us at and get the desired output in packaging as per requirement.