Custom Printed Eyelash Boxes

Get wholesale custom printed eyelash boxes at low costs from SeaShore Packaging, now you can modify the case shape, as well as structure and shading also. Regardless of what structure you pick, our eyelash packaging group will design it for you. You can make specially designed lash boxes rapidly, and pick the assembling paper, covering and select different administrations that we give to our packaging customers.
If you require assistance related to designing, we can likewise assist you with this without any cost.



Custom Eyelash Boxes:

Eyelashes are among the women’s most favorite natural eye items. Ladies also want their eyes to look perfect so the synthetic lashes are added to enhance the length of their eyelashes. These are marketed by keeping them in custom-printed eyelash boxes that make the ladies look cute and cover them as well. As lashes will take your entire look in no time from zero to a hundred.

A well-designed and beautifully packaged eyelash box is very important for the beauty industry as attractive packaging will make the beauty-conscious consumers aware of the true nature of the beauty products. It increased the market demand for eyelashes. So, brands concentrate on supplying their customers with better eyelashes. Besides price, packaging also counts while the product is being sold. The design of the quality boxes for eyelashes packaging should be the focus of cosmetic brands.

It also serves as a great tool to spreads knowledge of cosmetic brands and word of mouth among the masses. Custom eyelash packaging boxes made of durable material are an appealing and ideal packaging solution to keep your fake eyelashes variety safe. Cosmetic manufacturers enjoy using these boxes to store their eyelashes, because they are easy to handle, and customers can easily cart them around.

Exceptional Design of Eyelash Boxes:

Eyelash also comes in very compelling and elegant eyelash boxes. Such boxes, however, not only draw ladies’ attention but shield them as well. Eyelash boxes come in different shapes and designs to make them look more attractive to their customers. They are therefore often highlighted to make them look more appealing to clients.

Box styles

we manufacture boxes with many custom shapes and sizes from simple design to complex, that solely depends on the product. There are lots of options for customers. Some of them are as follows:

  • Two-piece boxes
  • Sleeve boxes
  • Tuck end boxes
  • Straight truck end boxes

You have to provide us with the appropriate dimensions and we will manufacture eyelash boxes according to the specifications.

The Material used for eyelash packaging:

We have a wide range of material that is use to manufacture the eyelash packaging box. Materials are as follows; you can choose from them;

  • Cardboard Stock Material.
  • Corrugated Board Material.
  • Kraft Cardstock
  • Rigid Material

Each of the materials above can have different thickness amounts. This depends entirely on the preferences of the customers. The most commonly used material is corrugated and cardboard. They provide protection and any color and design can be easily imprinted on them. This sturdy material is best for manufacturing shipping boxes for eyelash as well as empty eyelash boxes. On the other hand, you’ll get an environmentally friendly packaging material with Kraft Cardstock packaging that will allow you to keep a toxic-free world.

Add-Ons, or High Detailing of your Custom Lash Boxes:

Take from us the most admiring and attractive packaging eyelash boxes, and become a brand. With the stiff material, you can protect your product for a longer period from internal as well as external damages.

We have a wide range of ads-on that can further enhance the beauty of your custom lash boxes. Either you can go for the glossed or matted feel. Numerous add-ons are also available, such as a cut-out panel, foiling, and UV spot. Besides, we also manufacture box inserts so that no harm is caused to a product like a fragile eyelash. Such inserts are often made to the exact measurements you offer so that they match perfectly with your product.  The pattern of the custom-printed cosmetic boxes is also guaranteed to be easy to touch and look at.

You can customize your eyelash boxes with digital printing or offset printing to make your product or promotional packaging come alive

Branding with Custom Eyelash Boxes with Logo

Efficient branding is the secret to getting your custom wholesale eyelash boxes noticed. Customers typically go on to buy cosmetic items for common or famous brands. So, it is important to design the packaging that meets the branding requirement. Aside from the logo and brand name, another significant element in the branding process is customer service.

What distinguishes the packaging from the crowd is brand awareness. It can be a single logo, a name, an image, a tagline, or a textural feeling. Custom eyelash boxes with a distinctive brand identity logo are what make a product in the market full of brands. It also helps the company to get feedback from potential customers.

We Manufacture High-Quality Wholesale Eyelash boxes:

Customize your wholesale custom eyelash packaging boxes with us and order us with trust. If you are searching for the right type of packaging, consult our professional designers and find your packaging among thousands of consumers across the United States. We will create the layout according to your demand and instantly create it and will send you the final look in the 2D,3D form for your convenience. Highly custom eyelash packaging gives your store the luxury looks about the product.

The primary concern of Seashore Packaging is to satisfy your packaging need. We aim to process and produce short term orders in the shortest time possible. Usually, we take 8 to 10 business days to free shipped the product at your doorsteps. Contact us right now, send us an email to to learn more about our rates and procedures.