Custom Printed Cream Boxes

Do you need to modify your custom cream boxes at SeaShore Packaging? You can modify the box estimate, shape, shading, plan, covering just as the assembling paper. The choices are incalculable at SeaShore Packaging. Our well-disposed staff will give a 3D Mock-up of the boxes so you comprehend what you are going to have.
If you require assistance related to designing, our group can likewise help you in this respect without any cost.



Custom Cream Boxes

Innovation is the key to success in this huge world of beauty products. At seashore Packaging, we make sure to provide you a wide range of unique designs for your custom cosmetic boxes.

Creams are extensively used all over the world and their demand is increasing day by day. Every cream has a different purpose to serve, be it a moisturizer or an anti-aging night cream, a sun protection day cream or a regular cream.

Are you looking for a custom box for your product? we have got your back.

Whether you are starting a new business or already working with a well-rooted reputation, the need for good packaging always stays on top. Since seeing is believing, attractive and unique designs tend to catch customers and make a strong place in the market.

Product packaging and custom printed packaging leaves an impact on the customer. Beauty products tend to run on attractive and communicative packaging. The right kind of packaging and custom printing will determine how long will your product last in someone’s cart or shelf.

Unique design and dimensions of Custom Cream boxes

Each cream in the cosmetics industry plays a unique and distinctive role in its nature and so has to be the packaging of the cream. The sole purpose of packaging is not only to ensure product safety but must reflect the uniqueness of the product.

Custom Printed cream boxes with distinct designs and the dimension of your choice will help you steal all the limelight in the industry. Dimensions and shapes of cream boxes do affect the product’s purchase. People tend to be attracted more towards brighter colors and unique shapes.

Seashore Packaging provides attractive shapes, different box design ideas, and dimensions according to your choice and need. You can get your hands on any shape and size according to your product. Either it’s a square or a rectangle, circle or a pyramid we provide you with the best designs. Choosing a size is sometimes challenging and there’s always a fear of getting it designed perfectly. Our designing team seeks to ensure the perfect size for your product.

We deal with bulk orders and make sure the free shipping of boxes for wholesale is held with great care and efficiency. For our custom retail packaging, the criteria for minimum order >100 but the quality and free shipment is not compromised.

Premium quality at best price

Everyone gets drawn by the beautiful and aesthetic packaging of a product but it is not only the packaging that appeals, Quality matters a lot. Clients determine the quality of the product by its packaging.

Seashore packaging puts their clients first and makes every effort to provide them with the best packaging services. Their custom printed cream boxes have premium quality and the colors and materials used are of no match. The paper used is either a Bux board, corrugated box and cardboard boxes or E-flute. All of these materials ensure product safety and high quality.

The coating comes in various types. We provide Matte, Gloss and Spot UV with the best base paper (mostly 10pt to 28pt). This range guarantees high quality and durable packaging.

All good things don’t come for free but they can come at the best and economical price. Get custom printed cream boxes of your choice at the most reasonable and cost-effective price by Seashore Packaging. All prices are discussed earlier and there are no hidden charges for any of our services.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Everyone must play their part in a sustainable future and ensure the availability of environmentally sound products. We proudly announce that we make sure our packaging process and our packaging materials are eco-friendly. We provide the best custom printed eco-friendly boxes for our precious clients.

The use of recyclable material benefits the user economically and reduces carbon footprint. All the material used by Seashore Packaging is reusable, degrades biologically and is recyclable and we make custom printed eco-friendly boxes for our valuable customers.

We used E-flute, corrugated box which resists against crushing and careless handling while shipping. Eco-friendly Kraft is another option that is chosen by customers because it has a smooth and ideal surface for packaging and printing. Bux board boxes are also used widely for packing material because they have a neat finishing and looks perfect in all sizes and shapes.

The demand for eco-friendly packaging material for custom cosmetic boxes has grown over the years and it is very pleasing to see that there is awareness among the masses and customers make recycling a priority when it comes to packaging.

User Satisfaction

We understand that user satisfaction and experiences play a key role in business and marketing. Our company secures our clients and makes sure that you get your clients satisfied with the services provided by Seashore Packaging.

Along with cream packaging boxes, we provide custom printed boxes for other beauty products such as lipsticks and mascaras. With an open-door policy, we tend to provide you with our best services. Serving your needs is our motto and we take it very seriously.

We start with 100 boxes of your custom printed cosmetics boxes with the desired size. Free shipping of the boxes takes around 8-10 business days to get them to you. The plus is point is that we have free shipping all over the world. Isn’t it appealing that you only get to pray the price of packaging?

We offer limitless customization which means you can get everything of your choice. The layout that well describes your product, the text, and font, will help in communication with the customers. Custom packaging boxes with logo tend to add a reliable factor to the product packaging and here at custom box company (Seashore Packaging) we take great care of logo positioning and shape.

We let you have everything of your choice and this our biggest service. Have a fear of what your custom cream box might look like? Don’t worry we give you a 3D illustration of your dream custom printed cream box!