Custom Printed Candle Boxes

You can get super attractive Custom printed Candle boxes according to your demands by SeaShore Packaging. Candles have many advantages it’s even used as a gesture of love because people give customize vanilla or any flavored candles in different unique shapes, what if it doesn’t have proper packaging would it look good, obviously no so to make these candles more eye-catching we provide unique boxes for these products. We provide good quality custom candle boxes which assure that your product would look better if you consider our custom boxes wholesale. SeaShore Packaging can likewise help you in this respect without any charges.



Custom Candle Boxes

Candles are one of the best gifts to express your love and warmth.  Whether it is for a loved one, a souvenir for tourists or a business gift. Candles are always distinctive yet a classy gift.

Candles come in different shapes- votives, pillars or sticks and in almost every size. There are around 2,000 varieties of candles. 10,000 pleasant and appealing fragrances have been introduced specially for candles.

Growing from a utility to a decorative ornament candle industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Candles are not only seen on birthdays and weddings but are significantly present on funerals as well as religious ceremonies. Scented and luxury candles are one of the main reasons why the candle industry is a well-rooted business now. The old mainstream white candles have been replaced by aesthetic and luxury candles.

The most convincing factor while buying a candle is the candle packaging. Customers are attracted to beautiful candle packaging and at Seashore Packaging we ensure quality with aesthetics.

Endless Customization

To protect candles from atmospheric effects we need beautiful and durable packaging. The first thing that catches our attention while buying a product is the brand name and the logo. Getting your Logo printed on the custom candle boxes will make your brand reliable and recognizable in the market. At Seashore packaging, we offer endless designs of custom candle boxes.

Unlimited customization of candle boxes gives an opportunity to print anything you want. You can either get your candle boxes customized for wholesale business or simply get a picture printed on your candle box. Get a deep quote, a special date printed on the custom candle boxes or just the name of your loved one.

Colors play a role in boosting a product and Seashore gives you all options of bright, bold and calm colors and helps you communicate with your customers.

You can choose the best packaging and decorating material for your printed candle boxes. We provide customization of candle box material, graphics and designs and packaging material for worldwide Shipment.

Finest Custom Candle boxes at best price

With a growing industry of candle gift boxes, the need for high quality finest materials grows exponentially. Clients look for aesthetic and cost-effective candle box designs and packaging.

Candle packaging is an art and you are the artist and our company gives you all the services you need.

Choose between our finest custom candles and boxes and make them the center of everyone’s attention. If you are a beauty appreciator, we propose fancy boxes that are spacious and have a double-thick front. The box is designed to have space for logos, brand name, other relevant graphics or text.

Simple and classy boxes provide a very measurable position for candles which makes them easier to use.  if you are looking for a delicate and fancy box for your luxury candles, we have a wide variety of luxury boxes for luxury scented candles. They come in various colors and sizes. They have an opening on one end and a sticky flap on the other.

If you order from us in bulk quantity you will receive a special discount on the order. Contact us to order your intended candle packaging boxes at the wholesale rate with the finest quality at the best price.

Premium Quality Packaging

We at Seashore Packaging make sure every packaging is made with care and has the highest quality. Our packaging material, printing ink, and color schemes are innovative and have premium quality.

We use superior quality packaging material for our custom candle boxes and ensure quality printing on boxes. We chose the best material for packaging and premium ink carters so that the printing looks good on the box. The client chooses between a wide range of colors to make the box look attractive and eye-catching. We deal in PMS and CMYK color schemes which are not only cost-effective but also have premium quality.

We prefer to struggle for a sustainable future and that is why most of our materials are eco-friendly and reusable. Kraft Candle boxes are environmentally sound and ensure the best packaging. We offer custom made cardboard boxes for high-quality candles and ensure they retain their scent and are protected by the atmosphere. Custom cardboard packaging is introduced for bulk orders because they are durable, light weighted and guarantee safe worldwide shipping.

People are fond of buying products packed in environment-friendly packaging. You can easily differentiate your brand from others by using Eco-friendly packaging.

Free designs of candle boxes for user satisfaction

Worried how your custom candle box will look like? Or still, confused to decide what should be printed on your custom candle box? We got you covered because we offer you free designs for your custom candle boxes, that too in premium quality.

Furthermore, if you need any assistance related to logo positioning, graphics, size of the box or the color scheme, our team of professionals takes you to a professional ride and design your desired product free for you.

Free blueprints give the visual representation of what your end product will look like. You can freely call us and get your design samples for free.

Wholesale custom candle boxes and Packaging

To stand out from the mainstream, Seashore Packaging provides ravishing packaging for wholesale candle boxes.

Premium quality packaging material is used for candle shipping boxes and candle box packaging to ensure the safe and secure Free shipping of your products.

Such classy candle packaging boxes are a perfect way to grab majority attention and thus improve sales. We also use decorative accessories such as fancy laces, silk ribbons, etc. to make it further appealing for the consumers. For your home-made candle, select the right packaging solution. Get a logo printed on the box’s face which makes it a brand.

Due to the incomparable printing service, on-time delivery, free delivery throughout the United States, we became the priority press for the major manufacturers.

Here at Seashore Packaging, the client chooses what their product will look like and we strive to make it happen.