Custom Printed Archive Boxes

Clean up your office or house with us! We at SeaShore Packaging offer archive boxes that will keep your work well thought-out and your environment clean. In addition, you know what the best part is? These boxes are 100% adjustable. You can redo the shape, shading, measure, and plan just as the completing of the box. You can likewise settle on the paper which will be utilized for assembling the boxes. The alternatives are innumerable, so get your telephone and connect with our team now.

If you require assistance related with designing, our group can likewise help you in this respects without charges.




Custom Archive Boxes

Considering a good solution to form your messy place of work? Need an effective solution for organizing your valuable record files? Or just looking to organize your messy office; Storage boxes are an easy solution. These boxes are great for various other things as well as being convenient and easy to use. This box is purposeful, be it home or office storage requirement.

Custom-made archive boxes are boxes designed specifically to meet the demands of different manufacturers and home users. These are seen as the perfect solutions, especially in untidy offices. These can be rendered in any size and shape (as per the customer’s demand). These can be alliance-adjusted, restyled, and updated to match your needs. These boxes are useful in such a way that they can take the as little stage as possible and contain as much of your office files as possible and other things. Whatever type of item you want to store, the Custom printed Archive boxes are ideal.

Collection boxes are a perfect way of storing things you do not want to throw away.  Archive boxes are literally found as a way to help store and organize in all enterprises. As a consequence, they are among the most demanded in our business for packaging. Having your archive boxes personalized helps to encourage brand awareness. They even lighten the mood within your office or home. They do this by taking archive boxes default structure and creating a new, attractive version.

Make Your Products Stands out Of the Crowd

Need a convenient solution for categorizing your important record files? Or simply you want your disorganized office to be cleaned up, our Storage Boxes are the perfect option for all these requests. Wholesale boxes for the custom archives are handy & easy to store. They make a good solution for the storage of several of your items. They are intended for both your office and your home storage needs.

The SeaShore Packaging is a leading U.S. packaging business that has served thousands of customers well for a very long period of time. A professional team that has been working to represent you better over a decade. With the aid of the right packaging solution, make your goods stand out from the crowd.

Save you different thing our customized boxes

Our personalized Archival Boxes are the ideal solution for valuable collectibles, including portraits, postcards, newspapers and magazines, and essential documents. A few unique kinds of documented boxes are available, providing slides, fine art, notices, and various materials with stockpiling and insurance. SeaShore Packaging pleased to have a wide variety of custom authentic boxes.

Uses of Archive Boxes

A study for the right vendor is a big activity that must be carried out by a manufacturing company. For a buyer, it is necessary to have pricing and other deals. This is the reason why the majority of manufacturers favor us. This is the most professional and creative team to design and produce, among other online businesses. Each criterion shall be deemed separately to provide the buyer with an advantage.

The offers set for both the small and large producers are being provided to make it affordable for the consumers in general.

Any Custom Sizes and Shapes for Your Custom Archive Boxes

It is important to be able to make your custom archive boxes of any size or shape. We can build almost any type of size that suits your needs, depending on your needs. Our options include shape;

  • Cylindrical
  • Cube
  • Sleeve
  • Rectangular
  • Gable
  • Pyramid
  • Pie
  • Diamond

High Quality Material for Your Archive Box

Custom-printed archive boxes can really benefit from alterations to the content. Such archival boxes are part of the job of preserving what it contains. All of our materials are therefore durable and solid. We offer the materials below;

  • Eco-Friendly Kraft
  • E-flute Corrugated
  • Bux Board
  • Cardstock

Design of Archive Boxes

Crafted archive boxes make the product look more presentable and fragile. You don’t have to think about the designs as we’re going to make the personalized archive boxes to your preferences, likes. Our expert designer will make a design for you and send a 3D mockup to you so that you can have a look at the final shape of the product. We give you the following options to help you make the choices:

  • Coating of the box such as gloss, matte or spot UV
  • Silver/Gold Foiling
  • Color either dark or light
  • Embedded or printed designs if you like

The above points can help our customers create the best archive boxes for their families, and companies and they can buy our custom archive boxes to put files in them. Companies have the majority of files, so they should order our archive boxes to put essential files in our custom archive boxes because it assures them that they can at least secure at least in a nice and organized state.

Wholesale Custom Archive Packaging

Therefore, we ensure that the quality of the content used in the custom Wholesale archive boxes is excellent and secure so that it protects your files against harm and looks presentable in the package. You can offer a minimum order of 100 boxes and a maximum of 50,000 custom archive boxes for order placement information.

So, grab your mobile, contact us to order for yourself the best archive boxes or personalized retail boxes from SeaShore Packaging. By contacting us at you can get more ideas on custom archive boxes, custom archive packaging.

Speedy Delivery

Most businesses are concerned about how quickly and how much our wholesale archive boxes cost them. Although costs differ between orders, to ensure quality control we enforce those policies. Firstly, we don’t have charges for plates or dye. Secondly, we have free shipping anywhere within the US or Canada. Third and lastly, we have a delivery period of 6-8 working days, quicker than anyone on the market.

It’s not just custom boxes that we produce. We produce a great range of different custom retail boxes. Come and take a look!